How to Install Whatsapp on PC

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As the Android fever grips the market, a time was imminent when one of the most popular Android based instant messaging software – the “WhatsApp” application would become so curiously famous that even those who do not use an Android empowered smart phone would like to  try it out on, say, a PC. And thanks to the fast paced technological development, this simulation is not at all far-fetched now!

With the emergence of middleware software like BlueStacks, any Android application would run in your local PC environment (Windows or MAC) in as much the same way as it would have ran in the Android infrastructure. In this post, therefore, we would take a dig at how you can experience using “WhatsApp” via BlueStacks on your local PC.

whatsapp on pc

Installing WhatsApp on PC through BlueStacks

As expected, in the sequence of operations, firstly, BlueStacks need to be installed on the PC where you want to use Whatsapp. Download BlueStacks.

Installing BlueStacks is not difficult. Simply download the software and follow the obvious installation instructions as it pops up on the dialog windows. Remember that installing BlueStacks successfully is extremely important as it would effectively act as the middleware in providing Whatsapp the Android-like environment on your, say, Windows 7 machine. Thus, any glitch in the installation of BlueStacks would conclusively imply a failure of WhatsApp operation.

If the BlueStacks’ initial installation was successful, you should expect the “Start BlueStacks” icon. Launch it and wait until the home screen of BlueStacks appears on the PC.  On the home screen search for “My Apps” button and then click on “App Search” within it.

If you face any issues like Graphics Card Error, RAM limitations, Blank Screen Error then refer this tutorial on how to install BlueStacks without Graphics Card.

You would be enlisted with a number of predefined apps. As obvious as it could be, select WhatsApp from the list and trigger to install it. It might take some time to install contingent to the internet connectivity speed, so you would have to wait the delay.

Once Whatsapp has been installed successfully, open it and you would be prompted to configure it with your cell number. Configure the same and, bingo, you would be well on the way of using WhatsApp – an otherwise Android app meant to be used from an Android compliant device – right from your Personal Computer.

We hope that by observing the steps enumerated above, you would be able to access WhatsApp from the comfort of your PC. In any case, however, please leave us comments with the problems you faced which thwarted you from using Whatsapp on PC via BlueStacks; we would try to revert back to your comments with solutions.

Watch How to Install WhatsApp on PC on YouTube.

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  1. hlo sir……. i am having this error on my screen …….”MSI15179.LOG”………PLZZZZZZ do something about this….tnxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi – this is perfect for what I want, however, I can’t run Whatsapp on two devices with the same cell number. Is there another way? Thanks – Paul

  3. I installed it but i can’t see any of my contacts on whatsapp. what do i do?

  4. hi br iam traying istall this app but eror msg came…
    this app requires at least 2gb of physical memory.

    pls tell me wat i do

  5. amit choudhary says:

    problem is that……..bluestack is currently not recognize your graphics card……’s possible your graphics driver need to be update than update the driver and try again ……..for your information their
    their is graphics card on my pc ….iam using acer-aspire 5920 and windows 7…….plzzz help me out………..thanks

  6. Hey Sai ive downloaded/installed blustacks but when i try to start blustacks it was loading then just appears black screen…can u can help me ? thanks :)

  7. Is Graphic Card* Must !

  8. Hi Praveen,

    I have installed the application and i am able to launch the program too, but once i launch the program all i get is my apps, settings, search, blue stack spot light, and it keeps telling loading channels, and it goes on and on…and nothing happens what could be the issue and what is the solution for the same….

  9. Hey, I can’t seem to load bluestacks. After the main loading page it simply turns blackscreen-ed. What’s wrong?

  10. Getting Error while installing Blue stacks that it requires 2 GB of physical memory.

  11. After downloading the setup , while installing getting error msg “this installation package could not opened ,contect the app vendor to verify that this is a valid window installer package” i downloded bluestak setup from ur link gvn above.

  12. thanx for ur gud work. I cant install this application. it keeps on giving me this error ( hmm it seems bluestacks App player couldnt be innstalled this computer. We would love to fix the problem. Can u help us? Search your computr for the file c:?/Users/Israel/AppData/Local?/Temp/MSIacaf1.LOG and mail it to us at Thanks Please help me

  13. Dr Quinton says:

    I have successfully loaded BlueStacks and it opens perfect but the problem i am faced with is that WhatsApp is not amongst the social apps there and the application seems a bit different from the one on the video. Probably an upgrade…How can i install whatsApp onto the Emulator

  14. Christ Tay says:

    bluestacks keeps force close. how should i solve this problem?

  15. Hello Sai Praveen, I installed this software on my PC though i dnt found any whatsapp option and i tried to search and it prompt me for web search and as i response yes the application started downloading a file mpi.v23_13865325883425.apk
    so tell me wht to do…..

  16. why is there error “insufficient permisson”? what shou;d i do???

  17. hello!! sai praveen.
    I have successfully download BlueStacks on my pc having operating system windows xp ,but while installng the software BlueStacks ,it shows me error like this “This appilication requires windows xp sp3″ i download software from this link…. please help me.

  18. Hey, I’ve successfully followed your install instructions, everything went perfect, it’s just that I don’t have any contacts in the list and it seems that I cannot add any either, is there a fix for this?

    • Hello Alexander,
      We are planning to comeup with a new tutorial on how to import contacts into BlueStacks. Will let you know when it is done.
      Thanks for the comment. Have a nice day!

  19. Bluestacks is not working on my vaio window8 laptop. I have installed it for the first time in last month. It worked for a week. Then it stopped working till then I tried everything… uninstall & reinstall games… it installed but when I open it within few second it closed automatic without showing any error… do you have any solution???

    • Hello Jas,
      I think you have too many background running. Please close them using TaskManager and try operating BlueStacks again. Hope it helps.
      Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

  20. hey hi i just installed whats app with your given instructions it worked smoothly, but there is one issue that my mobile whats app have stoped working asking for reverification plsss help i want whats app on both pc and my cell.. rplyy

    • Hello Roma.
      You have to use another mobile number if you are using WhatsApp on Smartphone too. This is for the one who don’t have Smartphone to use WhatsApp Messenger.
      Thanks for the comment.

  21. I have Installed sucessfully but My contacts are not avaialable in the application it says No whatsapp contacts availabe when tried to import from sim card and my device is set to visible contacts please help tried refreshing but no use

    • Hello. Thanks for the comment.
      We are planing to do a tutorial on the same showing on how to import contacts to whatsapp if one using the same through BlueStacks. Will inform you all through our Facebook Fan page.

  22. Ashish Udainiya says:

    while i was installing the bluestacks in the pc there was an error showing ‘This application requires windows xp sp3′

  23. Ravi Kanwal says:

    Thanks a Lot for your contributions. I just have 2 questions.
    1. While my phone is a smartphone, am I correct to assume that the whatsapp will not work with the same number on both my phone & pc?
    2. My wife’s phone is NOT a smartphone. Can I set up the whatsapp on her laptop to work with her non smartphone number?
    Thanks again for your assistance.

  24. Once i downloaded the file it showing Failed_insufficient permissions..Please help me in changing the administrative privilages for my pc.

  25. Dheeraj Gupta says:

    Ur answers are just fantastic and u seem to answer all queries. Is it necessary to have a graphics card on pc for running bluestacks

  26. Deepak Narang ( Melbourne) says:

    Thanks for your help , I wish people could read first all what you have answered and then placed your question. You have covered majority of the things.
    Well done and you are of great help.

  27. hi.
    as i am using the whatsapp on my smart phone can i use the same no. on my pc. can we use both pc and smartphone
    at the same time

  28. tanaji mane says:

    Thanks bro!

  29. sara elrasheed says:

    Hi, i have bitdefender antivirus installed in my pc and the blue stack wouldn’t work with it.. it was like i have to uninstall the antivirus first or something like that.. and thank you

  30. i instaled this program but i cant install whatsapp it comes like in playstore how to do that ?

  31. i followed the steps n installed without any error but after opening start bluestacks shortcut .. i m geting loading .. loading… even after 2 hours same loading …. is coming on screen… what to do??????

  32. Dress Code says:

    I am downloading the blue stacks file right now. It is a very large file, hope this works for me. Thanks man

  33. saptarshi chatterjee says:

    i can’t see the whatsapp app in the “messaging” section. there are several social apps like kik, QQ, etc. but not whatsapp :/ plz help!!

  34. Hi, is there a way to add a WhatsApp icon to my desktop? I am sure I clicked the box to add to home screen, but it didn’t work. Everything else is great!

  35. Also, can I download & use other Apps? The Amazon App Store asks me to check my billing address and payment method are from a supported country – what is a supported country?

  36. Dear Praveen,
    Appreciate your reply for each and every questions begin raised even silly ones…well done keep it up and God bless you.

  37. need 2GB of physical memory to install this application

  38. hey dude there errors in installing the bluestack what should i do??

  39. i have installed the app but on a window 7 but the window’s environment is not as u described in the youtube. i tried to open the ALL APPS icon on the interface it would not install but continued writing ANDROID IS UPDATING…….for hours.What do i do?

  40. Hii Sai Praveen how are u friend
    i got a error while installing bluestack
    “the setup require 2GB of physical memory plz guide me ho to install it

  41. Thx for tutorial :) great

  42. I just wanna say you are awesome man. Thank you Thank you very much for all your effort :)
    Meshal ALi

  43. is it possible for to place to have same number? i already have whatsapp on my smartphone and can we use the same number for the pc? And if can, is it sync with each other?

  44. welll……… ive figured out the problem whit downloading whatsapp and ive got it installed working just fine!!

  45. i was not able to install whatspp messanger on my laptop how can i install plz send me link…

  46. thanks, its working

  47. Sai Praveen

    i have try to downlode 4 time i will done 50mb aoutmeticaly its show error please help

  48. Sandeep Singh says:

    helo sir… i hv a problm with instaling BlueStacks….. there is a msg box n in this box the text is “This app. requires at least 1 GB physical memory.” plz……. tell me about this…..

  49. dear praveen,
    installed successfully blue stack, once i go on to the app store they asking for amazonn account for install apps . i tried to make an acount in amazon,but they need a us credit card billing adrress ?? what to do now

  50. whats app is working know but how could i upload photos, videos, audios from my pc . pls figure out this problem

  51. and what about my last scene updates and such .. what of them

  52. Try installing .NET Framework. Even if you get the same error after installing .NET Framework, then you need to upgrade your operating system to SP3.

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